Row over spelling of Cader Idris mountain settled?


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A row over which name Snowdonia National Park should use for one of its most well-known mountains has finally been settled.

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Park authorities have decided to adopt the name Cader Idris, rather than Cadair Idris, despite advice from the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Park officers also said the authority should use the standard Cadair title.

But members said the local significance of the name Cader meant it should be permanently adopted.

The issue arose in April when NRW submitted plans to point the way to Cadair Idris, rather than Cader Idris, as it is called and known locally.

Lost prince

Following the decision at the park authority’s annual meeting on Wednesday, a spokesman said any signs on park property would now be expected to use Cader Idris.

He added: “In a lively discussion, reference was made to the importance of local names on places within the context of an area’s literary heritage.

“It was also noted that the name Cader Idris forms part of the surrounding area’s identity and that there is evidence that the name Cader Idris was used over 500 years ago.”

Although the general view is that cadair/cader means chair, an 1805 dictionary, together with several other historical documents, state cader can also refer to a fortress or stronghold.

According to local legend, Idris is a lost prince or giant.

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