Led Zeppelin at the Bron Yr Aur cottage


The lush green corner of Wales where Cadair Idris is found endlessly inspires artists and poets with its beauty. Rolling verdant fields, dramatic waterfalls and magical woodland paths surround the mountain, while centuries-old slate cottages and farmhouses are scattered around the hills like dice. One of which, the Bron Yr Aur cottage, near the village of Furnace, was a retreat for members of Led Zeppelin back in 1970 after an exhausting world tour. The cottage is still there, largely untouched and inhabited by the same family who purchased the property in 1972. They still find themselves greeting fans who come on respectful pilgrimages from all over the world to photograph the cottage.

Bryn Yr Aur Cottage - Lez Zeppelin

Robert-Plant-and-StriderWalking in the stunning countryside with their partners and Plant’s dog ‘Strider’ apparently inspired Jimmy Page and Robert Plant to write songs which later became classics. The hauntingly lovely chords of Stairway to Heaven are said to have been penned by candle light at the cottage, which had no electricity at the time, and Bron y Aur Stomp, sounding like a love song, refers to walks in the enchanting landscape with Plant’s dog. It is not difficult to imagine the inspiration for Stairway to Heaven being any number of pathways in the area, since most inevitably lead up thanks to cader-idris_wales_per-tybjerg-aldrich


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