Cadair Idris visitor trends


Before Easter in 2015 a data logger was installed on the woodland path and Ystradlyn (exhibition centre) allowing the team at Cadair Idris and Natural Resources Wales to compare numbers and see trends of visitors to both the mountain and Exhibition centre.

With full access to this data we can now report regularly on visitor numbers and trends throughout the year.


Of course the path logger counts people going up and coming down, so halving it can give a true assumption of visitor and hikers. Other paths are of course available so we are only looking at trends and numbers to this route, but it’s really interesting information we are sure you would agree.

The busiest day so far was the Saturday of father’s day weekend and the busiest weekend of a whole was Easter. Weekends and school holidays stand out as busier periods. Some anomalies are probably explained by weather conditions when quiet or contractors in the centre on apparently busy days.

This data logger is managed by the Senior Reserves Manager of Natural Resources Wales at the Ystradlyn (Exhibition centre) so many thanks for this insight.

Stay in touch and find out more when we release new figures through the year.

What do you think will be the busiest weekend of 2016?


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